Breakneck Pace

New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal


Dustin Knight: Lead Vocals, Bass

Garian "Wildman" Perry: Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

Drums: ???

Founded and formed January 22nd, 2013

Breakneck Pace is a Traditional/Thrash Metal band that dwells deep within the outskirts of Southwestern Ohio. Founded in 2012 by Garian Perry, he decided to form this band out of his dream to bring back metal to its truest form. Along with his fellow band mate Dustin Knight. They wish to take on the world of metal music and push onward with the NWOTHM movement!

Former Members:

Ethan Jackson - Vocals (2013)

Jake Decker - Guitars (2013)

Jeff Ables - Drums (2013)

Brennan Backscheider - Bass (2013)

Jesse Silk - Vocals (2012)

Mike Conley Jr - Bass (2012)

Dan Romeiro - Drums (2012)

Collin Mclean - Guitar (2012)